A framework for continuous improvement ensures long-term sustainable effects and our Support and Training services are focused on delivering structures for both measurement and control.

Supplier and Project Management

To get the most value from any transaction, your organization must be certain that the agreements it enters into are low in risk and that contractual terms are being observed and met. Quantum Procurement Supplier and Project Management can help you maximise transaction values by supporting streamlined, controlled processes and greater visibility throughout the contract life cycle for more effective, proactive Supplier and Project management


Having years of accumulated experience working with many different clients, Quantum Procurement specialists have invaluable insights and best practice knowledge that can be demonstrated not only through our client work but at instrumental training sessions for your procurement staff.

Improving the proficiency of procurement staff is critical to ensure compliance and sustainability of savings. We have a variety of proven techniques/ learning methods which suit individuals, business needs and the organisational structure. Our expert trainers focus on the key elements that often are missing in organisations that can really drive value (Procurement, Stakeholder, and Business skills) and these are further supported by a suite of templates and in depth category experience.

Our clients can look to us not only to deliver savings, but to help them transform their procurement functions through improvements in their procurement structure, people, processes, and skills. A brief skills assessment exercise easily can identify specific areas for improvement and enable the development of a bespoke programme to meet your company’s exact needs.