Our Consultants can offer you multiple options to find the perfect low-cost solutions package for your business without having to sacrifice quality. We offer a full range of procurement services in following areas:


Sourcing Audits and Opportunity

Assessment Purchasing:

Spend Analysis,

Contract Analysis & Creation

Cost reduction


Strategic Procurement


Supplier Selection & Evaluation

Off shoring

Inventory Management

RFI/RFQ/RFP & Supplier Negotiations

Category Management


Supplier and Project Management


IT Procurement

Our consultants use Quantum Procurements’ unique analytical framework to streamline customers’ IT procurement processes. As we transfer this knowledge to our customers, they begin to view IT procurement as a vehicle for enhancing their existing and future business needs.


Our IT procurement analysis includes the following services:

  • Enterprise Agreement Analysis – We help customers leverage complex licensing processes as opportunities for renewals and upgrades. Let Quantum Procurement show you how to better manage your contracts and how to create an IT roadmap that coincides with your business goals.
  • RFP management – We have an intimate knowledge of suppliers’ discounting structures, pricing models, volume and discretionary discounts, and promotional pricing vehicles. We will work with your stakeholders, prepare documents, reply to supplier enquiries and analyse responses. Our unique processes come from over 100 years of combined experience in RFP management and consulting.
  • Emerging Technology Mapping. Our consultants are technology experts with significant experience in implementing the latest technologies. We will analyse the trade-offs and sponsor the solution that makes the best business sense.

IT Procurement is challenging for companies of all sizes, in all sectors. Fortunately, our consultants have a depth and breadth of experience to tackle IT procurement from desktop applications in small firms to ERP systems in the world’s largest companies.

Telecoms Procurement


Telecoms is a fast-moving area and the procurement of Telecommunication products and services is a challenge for all medium and large companies, regardless of the business sector in which they operate. Our work for a variety of organizations across all sectors has enabled us to build exceptional market knowledge. We work closely with top-quality suppliers and constantly research the global market for innovation.


With extensive experience of tariffs, telecom networks and equipment optimization, as well as telephony upgrade assessments: we can identify and negotiate the best solution for your business. By setting the proper foundation through robust contracts, we help you reduce total costs and avoid non-compliance shocks.


Our services include:

  • Supply market research
  • Logistics reviews
  • Preparing tender documents
  • Attending meetings with short-listed bidders
  • Renegotiation of current contracts
  • Negotiation of prices and contract terms.

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Financial Services Procurement

Our experience, understanding and tools deliver sourcing and procurement benefits that are sustainable and deliver measurable savings and efficiencies. The end-to-end range of banking, insurance and other financial procurement services offered by Quantum Procurement includes :

  • Switching banking relationships
  • Procuring commercial insurance products
  • Sourcing competitive mortgage arrangements
  • Buyer and supplier reference tools
  • Switcher management advice and guidance

Consumer Products & Retail Procurement

Quantum Procurement works as an extension of your procurement function. We provide an objective specialist consultancy service which enables business critical solutions. We have worked with clients across a broad range of procurement solutions including:

  • Retail concept development (from strategic advice through to full turn-key solutions)
  • Product and supplier selection
  • Product development
  • Supply chain optimization.

 Contract Creation

Quantum Procurement consultants are experienced in helping clients to develop a powerful approach to contract management through a combination of the following services:

  • Contract Inventory Assessment : We conduct a thorough analysis of your contract inventory
  • Agreement Development Process: We outline your business’s agreement process and benchmark it against industry best practices.
  • Pro-Forma Agreements : We work with your legal team to create a series of easy-to -understand pro-forma contract documents.


We tailor our services to the tender, letting and contractual needs of our clients’ projects and provide them with expert analysis on the steps they should take in order to gain the maximum benefits from their initiatives.

Furthermore, we work with our clients and their suppliers to ensure that, upon completion of the project, all contractual obligations are satisfied and their goals have been met.

Offshore Sourcing

Moving operations offshore is a difficult business decision that, if implemented incorrectly, can have disastrous consequences on profitability. Quantum Procurement understands the geopolitical risks as well as the operational challenges involved in outsourcing. We maintain local knowledge of supplier, vendors and the competitive benefits of operating in a developing country.


Examples of specific services such as:

  • Market overviews and country services such as;
  • Vendor and partner selection;
  • Developing localized engagements strategies;
  • Relationship and Performance management frameworks.

 Inventory Management


Does your warehouse operations team have insight into the sales forecasting process? How does your inventory management system complement your company’s strategic goals? The Quantum Procurement Inventory Management Analysis Experts are masters at maximizing inventory mix and at anticipating the demands placed upon inventory. Our approach will thoroughly analyse the logistics chain and leave you with increased flexibility and lowered risk for the future.

The Quantum Procurement inventory management analysis includes the following services:

  • Logistics Chain Analysis ―We will analyse each part of the logistics chain including assets, transportation, wholesale outlets and retail chains. Each stage will be thoroughly examined by experts and carefully analysed to improve the entire system.
  • Inventory Management Assessment ― We will assess your bottlenecks and inefficiencies to prioritize the area’s that must be urgently addressed. Wilson Adams will also plan an inventory management strategy that includes your goals to maximize the growth of your business.

The Quantum Procurement Inventory Management Analysis Experts will focus on your firm’s requirements resulting from market demands. While inventory reduction is important, early-warning systems to prevent issues and provide quick solutions are the key to a successful programme which ultimately raises awareness within a company.



We offer customised training workshops on best practices for procurement, supply chain management and outsourcing operations.

These workshops can be designed in conjunction with our experienced team of trainers in order to maximize value, relevance and ROI.

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