Aeroflot seals European joint venture

The stated objective of the suggested project was to optimise Aeroflot MRO and lower costs for technical maintenance of aircraft. The board considered a viable creation of two joint ventures – for aircraft maintenance and repair operations and components maintenance and repair operations.

The airline reported that state corporation Rostec and SR Technics – a major independent MRO provider on the global market with main production capacities in Europe, were chosen as preferred partners for Aeroflot in creation of the joint venture.

“This project is highly important for Aeroflot Group which is modernising its fleets, as well as for other carriers operating in Russia,” the Russian airline said in a statement.

“Construction of additional production capacities in one of the regions of Russia is intended as part of the joint venture development, as well as creation of a local components pool, which can be accessed by third-party carriers as well.”

The question of the structure of the Aeroflot aircraft fleet was also considered at the board meeting. The leading Russian carrier, with 128 aircraft currently, outlined plans to add Boeing 777, 737, Airbus 320 and 321 aircraft into service this year.

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