Companies will "gamify" training content

The analyst house states that businesses and training providers have taken to “gamifying” their training material. By transforming boring data into fun games, fixed corporate objectives can be achieved more easily.

For instance, Thomson Reuters has recently put compliance training firm True Office under contract to create gamified training material for its employees. It will be used to enhance skills in fields such as regulation and compliance of the international financial services industry.

As constant changes in the global economy are making ongoing adoption and transformation inevitable, effective corporate training to help make those modifications, has never been more important.

Despite its importance, corporate training is often perceived as boring and is not always appreciated. Therefore those training suppliers and buyers have been looking into ways to optimise their training. As it turns out, this can be achieved by making it more fun.

Learners respond well to the engaging content, earning rewards for successful playing, respectively learning, which is highly motivating and acquired skills are creating added value for companies.

Procurement Leaders Network members can access the report in April 2013.

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