Web-based offering claims to cut HR costs

The Job Pairin offering is designed to identify optimal interview candidates by comparing them to the Gold Standard created through testing of existing employees in the same positions according to 137 peak performance drivers.

The offering was created by Denver-based Pairin, which was founded by Dr Ron Young and Michael L Simpson focuses on SaaS applications.

“Culminating 10 years of custom implementations with multiple customers, Job Pairin includes 18 months of rigorous prototype and beta testing across numerous trial sites,” said Simpson, co-founder and CEO.

“Early implementations have proven to both lower employee turnover and hiring time spent up to 80%.”

Job Pairin uses a 10-minute online test that the company claims selects applicants with the best potential for success. The solution includes an applicant tracking system and custom-branded website that can integrate with an existing eRecruitment solution, job boards and corporate job sites.

“Within one year of implementing an early prototype of Job Pairin in 2003, we saw our employee turnover in that position drop from 32% to 11%, saving us millions in training and hiring costs,” said Derek Temper, director of human resources at Dent Wizard.

“In December 2012, we converted to the new cloud service and are very pleased with the updated features and reliability, especially the applicant-specific hiring insights and interview guide.”

The Gold Standard calculation within Job Pairin is based on data received from assessing at least three of the best and worst performers in the same position as the job listing. Only six tests are required to generate a Gold Standard, but additional tests will result in more accurate and detailed results.

Job Pairin takes this data and automatically compares it to all applicants from the job listing, generating a ranked list of top applicants as compared to the Gold Standard.

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